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Retail security our specialty!

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Retail security is our specialty

Every retailer has to deal with retail crime. Some of them even suffer from it on a daily basis. This is caused on the one hand by shoppers and on the other by our own employees.
The loss is therefore high. Master Prevention BV is your partner and takes care of your worries, leaving you more time to invest in your own company.
Analyzing the problem, acting quickly and tackling the problem is what you as a client ask of us.
Master Prevention BV knows better than anyone else what is happening in retail and we are happy to offer you tailor-made security measures.
Our goal in retail security is to quickly reduce waste and create a safe work and shopping environment.
Master Prevention BV is specialized in retail security. Master Prevention BV has fully focused its services in the field of retail security.
Thanks to our experience and expertise, we have become an important partner in retail security. Our security services are well regarded.
Internal research has shown that with the efforts of our shop security guards, the shrinkage figures have fallen significantly and demonstrably.
In addition, the staff experience the working environment and your customers can shop in a safe environment.

Our shop security guards

Preventive prevention is very important to us. There is a need for optimal and effective security for the store. Theft prevention and complete security at
a high level are provided by our professionals. The presence of our shop security guards has a preventive effect.
They are visible at all times , without your business operations being negatively affected.
They intervene in emergencies or theft and can also process and hand over the report to the police .


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Retail security our specialty!
M.G. Petronilia CEO
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