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Retail security our specialty!

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At Master Prevention BV we have three forms of retail security.

Static security

Retailers dealing with nuisance or shoplifting can make use of our static security guards.
The store security guard is then preventively present in your store and can act immediately in case of any form of calamity or theft.
The shop security guard is clearly visible, which promotes the feeling of safety in your shop . In addition, it has a preventive effect.
Our security guards work as a team with the client and staff to achieve the common goal of reducing shrinkage and providing a safe shopping climate to customers.

Collective security

If retail security cannot be feasible for you alone, join forces with your fellow retailers in the immediate vicinity. In this case, you jointly opt for a collective security, also called a walking service. A store security guard provides security for a number of stores at the same time. Our store security guard is available at all times for the affiliated retailers and is on site within a few minutes. In joint consultation, a schedule is drawn up that is only known to management (in order to also be able to tackle internal theft).
In addition to fixed times such as opening or closing your store, they can visit your store at unpredictable times so that criminals do not have a chance.
Regardless of any situation, our shop security guard remains on call at all times in case of calamities.
With collective retail security from Master Prevention BV, your store will be monitored consistently at a relatively low cost in combination with the unpredictable presence of our store security guards.

Team pickpockets security guards and internal security

In addition to shoplifters, pickpockets are also active in retail. It gives customers an unsafe feeling when it is known that they have to pay extra attention to their properties due to the presence of pickpockets. This group can be tackled by deploying our team of security guards who are allowed to patrol in plain clothes .
The team of pickpockets can be deployed in a store or for several stores as a walking service. In addition, they can conduct internal investigations to detect or combat fraud and theft by their own employees.


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Retail security our specialty!
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